Educational Programmes (Academic Department)

Programmes and Courses


The Academic Department and the Vocational Education Department can be said to be the two most important departments of the GBOSE. These two departments develop education programmes and/or courses to give opportunity to the learners to pursue the course of learning of their choice. Both the departments collaborate with each other to develop functional and need/based courses to benefit the learners.


The Academic Department takes care of academic courses which encompasses the entire school education continuum from primary to predegree level. The Academic Department is engaged in development of curriculum and self learning materials, revision of learning materials, together with research and development activities and also provides support in the area of evaluation of learners.


The GBOSE. Academic Department has the following units.

Rules for admission

1. The minimum age required for 10th standard students is 15 yrs.

2. If the students in one area are 50 or more then examination would be conducted in that area/locality.

3. On enrolment, students would be provided books within 30 days.

4. Fees once paid are not refundable.

5. For practical’s students would enquire to go to the place which is nominated by the Councilor.

6. Those students who have passed the Tenth/Twelfth standard, their eligibility for Government/private University will depend on the Dean/Director of that University and the Board will not be responsible.

7. After examination, the results declared would be available in the web-site.

8. This Council Board will be responsible for all services to be provided from the date of enrolment till the date of examination.

9. The medium of language of the Board will be Marathi/English.

10. Fees can be paid in instilments.

11. Litigation in any matter would be in the jurisdiction of Bhubaneswar Court.

12. For foreign students, fees would be double that of the Indian counterpart.