1) Goa Board of Open School Examination is Registered Social Activates and Education Development by Govt. of India Planning Commission Yojana Bhawan New Delhi 110001. Which Registration No. Goa/2012/0069793 and that Board Promoted by Whole India.

2) Goa Board of Open School Examination  was inspired by the Govt. of India’s Human Resources Development Minister Mr. Madhav Rao Sindhia. Who was introduced bill for first time?

3) Under Human Right Protection Act 1993 autonomous bodies have been given Special &Consideration. (for further details refer air 1993 Sc 2178)

4) According to Govt. of India National Education Policy. 1986 Goa Board of Open School Examination is one of the best autonomous Institute of India.

5) According to the Ministry of Human Affairs. Govt. of India Notification No. 26/4/52 CC Dated. 20.09.1952 issued in consultation. with the union public service commission. That in the case of Degree /Diploma awarded by Board/University city in India. Which are in corporate by one act? of central of Part B state legislature in India. No formal orders reorganization such. Degree/ Diploma need be issued by Government. such Degree should be Recognized Automatically for the Purpose of employment.

• Membership Govt. of India Planning Commission New Delhi.

• Confederation of NGO’s Rural India New Delhi.

• NYKS under the Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports

• New Delhi Family Planning Association of India Mumbai

• All India Achievers Foundation New Delhi.

• Global Achievers Foundation New Delhi.