Setting up of GOA BOARD OF OPEN SCHOOL EXAMINATION (GBOSE). as an autonous Organisation under Education Department.Govt.of Goa in M104/1215 dated 08-05-2011 is yet another signification mile ston, on the road of rapid socio-economic development of the state in last few years.GBOSE, is a registered Govt. Society under Societies Act.

It is an Open & Distance Learning Institution, set up on the lines of National Institute of Open Schooling (NIOS), under Ministry of Human Resource Development. Govt. of India. It`s mandate is to “Reach the Unreached” in terms of Education & skill, in Goa through Open & Distance learning mode. in the state with social focus on marginalised Socio-economic and Religius section.

As an Apex Organisation. in the field of school education. it develops it`s own content and books, imparts education. corresponding to all lavel of formal school system. i.e. from Class l to Class Xll. It also hold Public Examination. followed by grand of Certificates for Class X and Class Xll. having equivalence with the Certificate of other Formal School Examination Boards like C.B.S.E./I.C.S.E. and other Secondary Boards of the Country.


Therefor in effect it is an amalgamation of State Council of Educational Reserch and Training and Goa School Examination Board . in the field of Open & Distance Learning at school lavel. It has also been declared as a Nodal Agency for the State. GBOSE has several unique & distinguashing features. which sets it aport from all other formal Examination Boards.