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GOA BOARD OF  OPEN SCHOOL EXAMINATION(GBOSE) is an Autonomous Board registered under Minstry of Human Resourse Developement,Goa. There are large number of people are away from main stream of formal and non-formal education due to social obligations financial and geographical conditions. To provide education to those deprived people with main stream and formal education, first time in Goa a new self governed organisation, GOA BOARD OF  OPEN SCHOOL EXAMINATION(GBOSE) is established under the distance and Opening Learning System, Act, 1882 with a registered number M104/1215, dated 08, May, 2011. This education board provides formal and non formal school education system equivalent to school level education under this the certificate of open basic education, Secondary Examination (10th) Senior Secondary Examination (12th) will be equivalent to Formal Education Board Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), Indian Council of Secondary Education (ICSE), Primary Education Council, Goa, National Institute of Open School Noida and others.

GOA BOARD OF  OPEN SCHOOL EXAMINATION(GBOSE) will play a major role to connect with main stream of education to all those who are deprived from education. This is decided in the meeting of GOA BOARD OF  OPEN SCHOOL EXAMINATION(GBOSE) held on dated 05 January, 2012. Because large number of boy and girl students and adults in states are not fully connected with formal education of main stream. Due to Social burdens Financial and Geographical conditions.

This board is equivalent to other School Education Board and the Certificate of Open Basic Education (8th), Secondary Education (10th), Higher Secondary Education (12th) will provides from open and distance school system. The nomination of applicant in the education of general subject will be done. After teacher training, board will conduct examination and evaluation then certificate will be provides to boys and girls students.

General Body executive board will be the Chairman of GOA BOARD OF  OPEN SCHOOL EXAMINATION(GBOSE) Association. Society has also Administrator and Committees. The members of General Body includes Minister, Human Resource Department, Chief Secretary, State Project Director, GOA Shikshan Paryojna Parishad, Academic director nominated by GOA Government, Primary Education and Secondary Education Director. Conditions of membership will also be determined. General Body will give advice and also checks yearly assessment bills besides other works. Society will have an executive board in which Chief Executive officer as a President Member of GOA BOARD OF  OPEN SCHOOL EXAMINATION(GBOSE) will be Secretary, other members includes State Project Director, Goa Project Council Goa Secondary Education Council etc. All Power, Policy Frame work will be remain with executive board of this Society. Which require smooth systematic and effective work. On the basis of time to time advice the mission, work and objectives will be fulfill. The area of work and responsibility of Chief Executive Officer, Secretary and other officials are defined. The Boards account and other records will be maintained systematically. Besides statement of receipt, payment account, liability, resource property as decides by Government and Yearly report will be prepared. All the time of dissolution, this will take place according to the provision of I.T. Registration Act, 1882 with permission of Governments concerned authority and the property and liability of board will merged with State Government. All laws as apply in Goa Statement Government will be applied on this board under I.T. Registration Act, 1882. The boards mission, objective and areas of work defined in the Memorandum of GOA BOARD OF  OPEN SCHOOL EXAMINATION(GBOSE). Board will propose the syllabus which gives below graduation level (Certificate/Diploma Certificate) for General Education and Development of Integrated Education.

Research Experiment and Counseling in the field of open School Education and Boards Open Schools will be the sole responsibility of Board and authorize counseling activities will propagates by the board in Goa and other States. Registration of Students, Attendance for appearing, in correspondence examination, conducts of examination, Credit transfer educational activities of board and examination, provide certificate. To fulfill these work board will adopt favourable, necessary, rule and regulations.


boys, girls and adults. Under this below graduation level (B.Ed). After Diploma Level (D.El.ed), Teacher training and exams certificate will provide. The recognition of certificate syllabus and education provide by GOA BOARD OF  OPEN SCHOOL EXAMINATION(GBOSE) is equivalent to other Governments/Semi Government Council, Boards, Universities, Education Syllabus, Certificate and Degree. The GOA BOARD OF  OPEN SCHOOL EXAMINATION(GBOSE) Certificate Degree will be valid in recognised advanced education entrance and Government Services. The Minister of Ministry of Middle Education, Government of U.P. will be the Chairman of GOA BOARD OF  OPEN SCHOOL EXAMINATION(GBOSE), other members includes Principal Secretary, Human Resources Development and Finance Department, Social Welfare Department, Minority Welfare department, Goa Shiksha Pariyojna Parishad, Goa board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Examination Board, NCERT Goa Rajya Madarse Shiksha Board, GOA BOARD OF  OPEN SCHOOL EXAMINATION(GBOSE).